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axe-core 4.7.0

Moderate severity Ensures all page content is contained by landmarks

Violated region on: phone, tablet, desktop

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Serious severity Ensure elements that have scrollable content are accessible by keyboard

Violated scrollable-region-focusable on: phone

<pre class="highlight"><code>&lt;form&gt;
&lt;label for="login"&gt;Użytkownik: &lt;/label&gt;
&lt;input type="email" placeholder="wpisz adres email" name="login" id="login"&gt;


html-validate 7.1.2

Serious severity "type" attribute is unnecessary for javascript resources

Violated script-type

html > head > script {}

Serious severity Prefer to use the native <main> element

Violated prefer-native-element

html > body > div:nth-child(4) > div > div > article {}

Serious severity element id must only contain alphanumerical, dash and underscore characters

Violated valid-id

#walidacja-typ\ów-p\ól {}

Serious severity Attribute value must not be delimited by whitespace

Violated attr-delimiter



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